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Denims are not just for wearing … even though they have been one of the most popular casual wear material for decades. We have all worn denim trousers and donned denim jackets. Some have torn them up to give a distinctive look, while others have painted on them to display a distinctive character. However, you would not have seen bohemian art printed on denim that could be hung up on the wall. Matlock Island is the only one to have turned denims into wall art. Check them out by clicking the button below.

Canvas has been the preferred medium for artists, probably from the time humans stopped painting on cave walls. Many of us cannot afford to buy expensive canvases painted by eminent artists. However, we do like to add colour to our walls, and the canvases we provide do the job. At the store you will find about 400 unique pieces of art, from 12 different categories, each with a distinctive design, each of which is sure to add that extra zing to the character of the room you put it up in. Check out the canvas art by clicking the button below.

Most of us cannot forego our cup of coffee. Not just in the morning as a pick-me-up, but through the day. There is always time for coffee and it soothes the body and the soul, supporting us through the stresses of the day, providing us with the edge we so seek. At Matlock Island we recognise how important coffee is in our lives. We have curated some wonderful designs, even though we say so ourselves, to add that extra bit to your coffee. Check out the coffee mugs at our store by clicking the button below.

There is nothing as satisfying as a cold glass of beer on a hot day. The sheer feeling of a mug full of beer, the froth gently overflowing from the rim, the feeling of utter joy as the brew courses down from our lips to our gut, is a feeling that can only be experienced. We understand that and are here to extend your beer drinking experience by providing you with mugs that can hold half a litre of the brew. Made of frosted glass, it feels nice and heavy in your hand. We are sure you will enjoy drinking from the Matlock Island mugs. Check them out.

Matlock Island has a range of beautiful designs printed on high gloss ceramic tiles. When placed on a couple of stands, on the corner table in your living room, will surely add a whole lot of colour and attitude to the room. The colours really pop and the designs will surely start a conversation. If you want, you could also frame it and hang it up on your wall. Check out the various designs by clicking the button below.

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